50 Fun Man-On-The-Street Video Ideas

Fun Man-On-The-Street Video Ideas

The man-on-the-street video approach has taken the video world by storm, with many using them for marketing, social media campaigns, and promotional videos.

Unfiltered and organic, these videos feature real people offering their insights in a natural style that resonates with audiences. This video concept is nothing radical; Jay Leno famously gained recognition for his ‘Jaywalking‘ interrogations where he would unexpectedly quiz regular folks on the street about current events.

Today there are a variety of ways to capture man-on-the-street video content. It can be done in studio settings or on location, with professional video crews or one person with a smartphone. This type of video content is a great way to capture real people and real stories that your audience can connect with.

When creating man-on-the-street videos, it’s important to be authentic and engaging. It’s essential to choose the right talent or interviewees who will best represent your brand.

If you’re looking to create man-on-the-street videos of your own, we have to go some ideas for you.

What Is Man-On-The-Street Video?

Man-on-the-street video is a type of documentary filmmaking that records everyday people’s reactions and opinions, especially on current events. They’re usually shot in an urban or public area and feature interviews with passersby. The videos are often used to gain insight into the opinion of the general public, either for research or promotional purposes.

How to Make a Man-On-The-Street Video?

Creating man-on-the-street videos requires planning and preparation. Here are some tips on how to create great content:

  • Select the right location and time – Choose an area with lots of foot traffic or that has something specific to do with the topic of your video.
  • Have a detailed plan – Think about what you want to ask and how you want to present it. Make sure that you have all the equipment needed for shooting, and make sure everyone involved understands the purpose of the project and their role in it.
  • Gauge interest – It is important to be able to gauge the interest of passersby. Make sure you are courteous and respect their wishes, but also make sure that you can quickly determine if someone might be interested in participating or not.
  • Approaching strangers – Always approach with a friendly attitude and don’t forget to smile! Ask questions that are open-ended and avoid leading questions that invite “yes” or “no” answers.
  • Edit carefully – Make sure you edit your video so it is coherent, concise, and clear. Try to keep the videos short but informative.

Fun Man-On-The-Street Video Ideas

50 Man-On-The-Street Video Ideas

  1. Ask people what they think of the current political situation or the recent election
  2. Ask people to describe their dream job
  3. Ask people about local businesses and restaurants
  4. Ask people for their thoughts on a celebrity gossip story
  5. Ask people what makes them laugh
  6. Ask people for their thoughts on a new movie or TV show
  7. Ask people about current trends in fashion
  8. Ask people for their favorite recipes
  9. Ask people about living in a certain city
  10. Ask people why they use a specific product or service
  11. Ask people what advice they would give to someone starting out in a new career
  12. Ask people what they think about current events
  13. Ask people about their favorite books and authors
  14. Ask people for their thoughts on the best way to spend time off work
  15. Ask people to describe the most difficult decision they ever had to make
  16. Ask people how they would react to a zombie apocalypse
  17. Ask people what their biggest life lesson has been so far
  18. Ask people for tips on how to stay healthy and fit
  19. Ask people about the most memorable gift they ever received
  20. Ask people why they decided to pursue a particular career path
  21. Ask people for their thoughts on the current state of the economy
  22. Ask people what they think is the most important issue facing society today
  23. Ask people how technology has changed their lives in recent years
  24. Ask people where they see themselves in 5 years
  25. Ask people to describe a moment that changed their life
  26. Ask people for their thoughts on the best way to spend money
  27. Ask people what they think of the recent changes in healthcare policy
  28. Ask people how they stay connected with friends and family around the world
  29. Ask people what was the best day of their life so far
  30. Ask people for their thoughts on the future of education
  31. Ask people what they think is the most challenging problem facing the world today
  32. Ask people to describe a moment when they felt discouraged and how they overcame it
  33. Ask people what advice they would give their younger selves
  34. Ask people about their favorite memories from childhood
  35. Ask people how they manage stress
  36. Ask people what their plans are for the future
  37. Ask people what they think of the current state of their city or town
  38. Ask people to share a funny story
  39. Ask people about their favorite activities and hobbies
  40. Ask people what they think are the benefits of living in a digital age
  41. Ask people to share their favorite inspirational quotes
  42. Ask people for their thoughts on the current state of the environment
  43. Ask people to describe something that changed their life for the better
  44. Ask people about volunteer work that they’ve done in the past
  45. Ask people what their favorite piece of technology is
  46. Ask people for tips on how to stay motivated and productive
  47. Ask people about their favorite charities and causes
  48. Ask people how they’re preparing for retirement
  49. Ask people what kind of jobs they think will be in demand in the future
  50. Ask people what their favorite moment from the past year was and why.

Examples of Great Man-On-The-Street Shorts

Caleb Simpson’s Man-On-The-Street video is a perfect example of the power and creativity of this format. In his production, he asks people in New York City how much they pay for rent each month – highlighting just one way that you can create interesting content with inventive questions.

The Take Away

Man-on-the-street videos are a great way to engage with your audience and create original content. Try asking people questions related to local businesses and restaurants, celebrity gossip, fashion trends, recipes, current events, books and authors, career advice, and more.

With the right approach, you can capture interesting stories from everyday people that will help you create memorable and engaging content. Good luck!

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